It's about creating a visual experience ...

Recording the quality of the visual and the aesthetic with my own visual perception, wresting the transience from stories, capturing time, transforming light into works of art and making them seem real, eternal and immortal.

~ Kurt Moser

Experience photography in a completely different way with a technique that dates back to 1850.

Our images are not created on the printer or enlarger. They are definitely not created in post-production on a computer. Each image we produce is UNIQUE and one-of-a-kind. We do not produce negatives or digital files which can be manipulated and reproduced at will. Thanks to the rediscovery and optimization of AMBROTHYPIE, a photographic process from the beginnings of photography, we are able to create light paintings on glass.


See how our images are created for an eternal life.

Thanks to a deep reservoir of experience, we are able to capture ultraviolet light that is invisible to humans. The result is AN UNREPEATABLE IMAGE made of pure silver.

Presentation movie - 2020


Our portrait technique enables us to capture the UNIQUE Soul of every human subject

Our pictures “speak? with a very special visual language, thanks to a depth of field at the limit of what is possible. Our images are currently on view in a dedicated space at LUMEN, the Museum of Mountain Photography, in Brunico in the Dolomites.

Portrait realization movie



Special thanks

Adelbert Greif / Andreas Feichter / Andreas Pfeifer / Angelika Mayr / Anton Moser / Björn Ruppin / Camilla Valli / Cecilia Miribung / Christian Andergassen / Costantino Piccoli / Eleonaora Delladio / Eric Severo / Erich Dapunt / Erich Kager / Hans Jürgen Stockerl / Heidi Gronauer / Hermann Piffer / Hubert Sölva / Ian Woods / Ines Addonizio / Ismail Mukadam / Jakob Stark / Julia Inderst / Karin Pircher / Karl Hoffnamm / Latemar Cowboys / Magdalena Amonn / Magdalena Schwellensattel / Manuel Moser / Marco Monti / Marco Pappalardo / Martina Gruber / Micaela Lämmle / Michael Atzwanger / Michael Graf Goess Enzenberg / Monika Gross / Natalie Passler / Patrick Rina / Petra Laimer / Philipp Zahn / Renate Moser / Richard Learoyd / Roland Seppi / Rolf Pflücke / Sandra Mann / Sara Valduga / Sergey Krustsov / Siegfried Giuliani / Sophie Gräfin Goess Enzenberg / Stefanie Passler / Thomas Righetti / Thomas Wörndle / Tito Piccoli / Toni Sansone / Walter (Toni Graffio) / Werner Van Gent / Zeno Breitenberg



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