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It's about creating a visual experience ...

“Recording the quality of the visual and the aesthetic with my own visual perception, wresting the transience from stories, capturing time, transforming light into works of art and making them seem real, eternal and immortal.“

~ Kurt Moser

The unique requires the unique

This is a special story. It recounts one person's long search for a technique for photographing the Dolomites, the finest mountains in the world, not just in momentary shots but as timelessly enduring images. It is the story of the rediscovery of an old technique going back to the origins of photography. Kurt Moser is convinced that no contemporary technique in the world can even come near to telling stories with such intensive imagery.


The ambrotype

In 1850 Frederick Scott Archer developed the ambrotype. He borrowed the name for this technique from the Greek; 'ambrotos' meaning immortal. This process involves coating fine black Cathedral glass sheets with hand-mixed collodion emulsion, sensitising them in a silver plating bath and exposing them in a large-scale bellows camera. Finally, the pictures are developed in a dark room while still wet, set and sealed with sweet-smelling lavender oil and sandarac resin.

The shimmering silver glass sheets are positives and therefore unique items. A picture created using ambrotype can be neither copied nor reproduced, nor scaled down or enlarged. Each glass sheet is an unrepeatable one-off. The reaction of the chemical components is unpredictable and differs each time, with variations being unavoidable. This is what makes these pictures aesthetically unique like human fingerprints and results in pictures that last.

And that's what it's all about: Kurt Moser aims to create lasting values. He wishes to distance himself from the global mania for digital pixel photography, to perform handwork and create something durable, intangible, genuine and beautiful.


The 'little one' made for big things.

This beautiful and nearly two-metre-high wooden camera from 1907 is a lucky find and core component of the project. It is used for studio portraits and may be taken to areas inaccessible to the Ural truck. It allows ambrotypes of up to 50 x 60 cm to be captured on glass.

Slo-Motion Video
Time-lapse Video



A man with a vision.
A vintage Russian truck.
One of the rarest lenses on earth.
Landscape images on black glass.
How does that work together?

The artist

Views and prospects Kurt Moser, the visionary

The photographer and cameraman who was born in South Tyrol and who, after many years abroad, now lives in Kaltern has spent 30 years working for major international television companies that focus on reportage and documentaries. Television is a volatile medium and, of all the current events and irretrievable impressions, only digital noise remains. Nothing tangible, nothing lasting.

This is why Kurt Moser is all the more concerned today with countering transience and oblivion, looking behind the scenes and taking time for what he considers important and immortalizing these in unique specimens, in non-reproducible, non-copiable and non-repeatable one-offs.



RAI TV "Leben 2014"
ORF Im Bann des Lichts
ARD TTT Dolomiten Lightcatcher
Südtirol 1

Support the project

Support the project

Of course, a project like this cannot be tackled in an artistic-financial solo effort. Even the basic investments in the Russian truck and its conversion into a giant camera with integrated dark room are huge. Support Kurt Moser in his endeavour to capture the pale mountains in timeless and unique images. For eternity.



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